Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Groups Public Service Announcement

For the past few days, it appears that Google Groups has stopped mirroring newsgroups properly; this included the various Mozilla mailing lists. It does, however, appear to be forwarding posted messages, so if you send a message via the UI and you don't see anything show up... don't panic, and don't repost it 5 times.

I don't know how long Google Groups will be down, but, in the meantime, you can use your favorite newsreader to read the newsgroups. Heck, Thunderbird has a built in news client. If you wish to use mozilla mailing lists, just add in the server You can then happily see everything that you would be able to see with Google Groups, if it were working.


jmdesp said...

I'm not so sure people repeatedly tried to post. I've seen the multiple post seem to be posts that were cross-posted, so I'm wondering if there's something there

Tomer said...

I think that if we will abandon mailing-lists/newsgroups completely for a service that won't require us to expose our private email addresses in public, more contributers will become more active.

We fear of spam, this is it.

Chris Ilias said...

Instructions on how to subscribe via TB are at

You don't need to expose your private email address if you use NNTP instead of Google, but you should provide a way for people to message you privately, should they want to take a discussion of newsgroup.