Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I want a pony

As I was walking through nsIMsgIncomingServer in search of unused attributes, I noticed that some attributes were added in a revision and their usages removed later. But the checkin comments don't give me any clear indication of when it was removed and what replaced it. Anyone fancy binary searching hundreds of checkins just to find one property?

A simple solution to this is a reverse annotate feature: a script or similar that, given a revision number, will look through the subsequent revisions and find out which version (if any) first changed a given line. Bonus points for ignoring whitespace changes. I could probably hack out such a feature myself for hg, but I know so little about CVS that it's hopeless for me to try there. And since most of the important history of mailnews is only in CVS, an hg-only becomes pointless, at least for the next, oh, 5 years.

And before anyone complains about me wanting a pony, let me tell you this: my cousin actually got a pony for Christmas last year (after asking about it for the last, oh, 17+ years).

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