Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Great Address Book Rewrite, now on your machine!

Since committing the changes to the nsIAbCard portion of the refactoring, the Great Address Book Rewrite has been progressing faster. I pushed the changes to bug 449618 and am writing tests for bug 450194, while yet putting finishing touches on bug 450197. As these changes come in, bits and pieces of address book code will bitrot.

So what does an extension developer who wants to keep up with trunk builds do? Use my handy address book rewriting branch. If your extension works on the tip of the tree or its various branches, it will likely work on the trunk when the patch is committed.

The repo is also world-writable (as long as you have access to, which means that anyone else with in-progress Address Book rewriting patches can push there too. Don't worry about creating new heads, I'll sort all of that out when I see changes to the repo.

Finally, I would like to point people to the tentative roadmap to the rewrite.

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