Monday, July 16, 2012

Mozilla-central code coverage

I have been posting code-coverage results of comm-central off and on for several years. One common complaint I get from developers is that I don't run any of the mozilla-central testsuites. So I finally buckled down and built mozilla-central's coverage treemap (and LCOV output too).

The testsuites here correspond to running top-level check, mochitest-plain, mochitest-a11y, mochitest-ipcplugins, mochitest-chrome, reftest, crashtest, jstestbrowser, and xpcshell-tests, which should correspond to most of the test suite that Tinderbox runs (excluding Talos and some of the ipc-only-looking things). The LCOV output can break things down by test results, but the treemap still lacks this functionality (I only built in multiple test support to the framework this afternoon while waiting for things to compile).

Caveats of course. This is an x86-64 Linux opt-without-optimizations build. This isn't my laptop, and X forwarding failed, so I had to resort to using Xvfb for the display (which managed to crash during one test run). It seems that some of the mochitests failed due to not having focus, and I have no idea how to make Xvfb give it focus, so not all mochitests ran. Some of the mozapps tests just fail generally because of recursion issues. So this isn't exactly what the tinderboxes run. Oh, and gcov consistently fails to parse jschuff.cpp's coverage data.

Lcov is also getting more painful to use—I finished running tests on Saturday night, and it took me most of Sunday and Monday to actually get the output (!!!). Fortunately, I've reimplemented most of the functionality in my own coverage analysis scripts, so the only parts missing are branch coverage data and the generated HTML index which I want to integrate with my web UI anyways.

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glandium said...

I think all you need is a window manager in your xvfb to make focus tests happy.