Friday, July 22, 2011

Viewsource up and running

This morning, I have made available a public version of the viewsource code. Viewsource was originally a web tool to output a pretty-printed version of the Dehydra objects for simple snippets of source code. Since I found it a useful idea for debugging, I also added dumps for the now-defunct Pork rewriting toolset, JSHydra, and now, finally Clang.

The odd tool out here is clang, as it has neither a debug-useful XML output nor a simple JS representation that can report the output, which requires me to make the tool a two-stage process: the first stage is a compiler plugin that figures out from clang::RecursiveASTVisitor which functions and classes it needs to worry about dumping out, and then writes out the code for the second stage, another compiler plugin that actually dumps the generated AST information to the console. In other words, I have a plugin to write a plugin that is used to dump information to write plugins.

Eventually, I hope to be more complete in the information I can dump out (particularly type locations and type information), but this is complete enough to be at least somewhat useful for finding interesting things, such as understanding what the location information actually refers to. As I work on this tool more and more, this should enable me to find and fix many bugs in DXR.

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