Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More jshydra news

Taking a break from my ongoing series on pork, it's now time for an overdue update on jshydra.

First off, I have pushed Andrew Sutherland's changes (most of them, anyways) to my repo. These consist of the ability to push arguments, proper JS constructor handling (which I had locally but didn't commit for some reason I long forgot), and some minor comment handling fixes. I also never mentioned my JS inheritance divination work from way back in May. I also fixed a bug and finally got around to making TOK_* variables visible in JS, like the JSOP_* variables.

David Dahl has decided to use jshydra to find dead code in JS. That bug also has some discussion on how to run jshydra, as well as some work-in-progress files to grab JS information from the mozilla build system in a jshydra-friendly format.

Andrew Sutherland also used jshydra to generate documentation for TB. His blog posting does it more justice than I ever could.

Last night, I finally got around to creating an analogue of David Humphrey's Dehydra Web for JSHydra, predictably called JSHydra Web. As a note of caution, please don't upload your massive, 100+KB JS file for perusing: you'll find the output hard to read, and I don't want to overload the server.

As always, for more information on jshydra, you can either contact me by email (found on bugzilla), by IRC (most topical place of discussion is #static), or via the mozilla.dev.static-analysis newsgroup.

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