Saturday, May 31, 2008


So, as May draws to a close, I have some updates on my mozilla work. First off is the pain I have been enduring as I work on listarchive. As of right now, I can create an account through the account wizard, and have it show up in the folder list without anything blowing up (which is not trivial). It turns out that the lack of the folder being initialized through RDF was that I retrieved it from a direct create instance instead of retrieving it from the RDF service. With a few more functions, I could probably avoid the RDF service, but until jminta finishes his war on RDF, it's just as well to use RDF and have things work magically. Of course, listarchive still requires some modification of sources to work, and don't even think about asking me to port it to Thunderbird 2, it's bad enough on trunk!

In addition, I have put some quality time in with my documentation of creating new account types. A lot more exists in my local work than exists on said page in part because I want to have working prototypes before committing to a guide, and in part because I need to make sure I'm not relying on deep-level unreliable code before posting.

Part 3 of work concerns documentation. If you rely heavily on mxr, you may have noticed that over the past week or so, some idl files got some nifty diagrams. These diagrams are created by doxygen (db48x is so nicely hosting them). You can generate these diagrams and doxygen documentation by typing make documentation from the root makefile. It is helpful to include this update to mozilla, and this update to doxygen. The mozilla update squelches some problems and changes some options to make documentation look better. The doxygen update makes doxygen like mozilla's IDL files better. If you want more tips on documentation, this site is a good starting place. (Writing some mozilla documentation guides is creeping up on my todo list as well).

Various other small things: I've been working on the address book rewrite some more. I have some updates to fakeserver related to writing some tests for old news subscription bugs, and to fix some bugs in code that was never tested. Updating morkreader, doing some pref analyses of de-mork of panacea.dat. I've even found time to start maintaining an account manager rewrite proposal.

Break time's over, here weI go!


Mook said...

It is also possible to follow the closing block with the language name:

There are no examples in the tree, but I wonder if it would be possible to put other languages (e.g. Java) instead of C++ there...

dave said...

These doxygen images are sweet. Thanks for your work on this.