Monday, March 17, 2008

A fun-filled week

Having a nice long week without needing to do much else, I'll be putting in some quality time on mozilla this week. Of my seven or so tasks, I hope to get at least updated patches on all of them. No, I am not committing suicide.

Bug 413260
This is the address book rewrite, one of the to-be-core features of TB 3. Hopefully, part 1 (nsIAbCard rewrites) will be committed by the end of the week and part 2 (nsIAbDirectory rewrites) will be in review stages. The third part (mailing list sanification) should be posted at least in part. I'm not going to work on the hypothetical part 4: implement some of the functions for LDAP.
De-mork in panacea.dat msgFolderCache.sqlite will hopefully be complete and committed as well this week. After that, I'm going to start work on creating a better mork reader (nsMorkReader is insufficient to handle a .mab or .msf file), which blocks completion of bugs 382876 and 11050 (address book and message database, respectively).
Fakeserver implementation
I hope to have more flesh put on fakeserver this week, since I should have more time to actually figure out how to set up an account, which is blocking my work.
Libmime rewrite
With any luck, I should have some time to write some dehydra and elsa scripts that will profile libmime to infect it with the C++ virus. This should allow people to finally approach libmime to be able to hack it and bring it into the 21st century.
To say I'm going over it with a fine-tooth comb is an understatement. I've expanded the scope of the rewrite to include whitespace updates, removal of accumulated cruft, function reordering for logical coherency, breaking up SendFirstNNTPCommand for clarity, documentation of what happens, identifying places where code should be updated, and shrinking the size of the class. I do not know want to know what sizeof(nsNNTPProtocol) is right now, it's that large.
NNTP/Usenet wins
ROT-13 implementation and LIST PRETTYNAMESLIST NEWSGROUPS are two low-risk, just-needs-UI wins. Filter-after-the-fact is a medium-risk win. Spam detection and combine-and-decode or other multipart are high-risk, high-value wins (imagine the elation of alt.binaries users or sci.math users). Bug 176238 is instructive to see the full list.

Time for less yapping and more coding!

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