Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mandatory Introductory Post

Well, it's 10:05 PM so I don't have much to put here.

My name is Joshua Cranmer. I am a programmer, mostly self-educated. Heck, since it is the introductory post, I'll write out all of my languages:

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • PHP
  • x86 assembly (both AT&T and Intel style)
  • JavaScript

I also know smatterings of bash, awk, sed, perl, LISP, and FORTRAN. Non-programming languages include HTML, CSS, SQL, and Makefiles.

I also like reading specs. I have devoured the NNTP RFCs, RFC 977, RFC 2980, and RFC 3977, as well as parsing the umpteen MIME RFCs. Linked in my quick-toolbar are links to the CSS 2.1, DOM 2 HTML, DOM 2 Core, and HTML specs, followed by the Java Language Spec and the Java Virtual Machine spec. I also keep a copy of the latest draft C++0x spec. Heck, I learned several things from these specs that most people learn from tutorials.

My main programming projects fall into four categories: my Java decompiler (school project), a game that I work on-and-off in my spare time, my school's intranet, and Thunderbird. In the latter, I intend to focus heavily on news, although almost all of my mature patches haven't touched it (bug 132340, base64 support; a bug to refactor some address book code; and bug 16913, which adds expansive filtering capabilities to news).

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James Hamilton said...

how is your Java decompiler project going? I'm a PhD student looking into decompilation and related areas and it would be good if I could see what you have got so far.