Monday, March 17, 2008

A blizzard of updates, part 1

So it's the conclusion of the first day of my fun-filled week, and I've managed to have 3 updates today, as well as another 2 over the weekend. Here's the list:

nsIAbCard sanity
(bug 413260, pt. 1) Okay, this was done over the weekend, but still. From my previous patch, I converted some property strings to UTF-16 instead of the UTF-8 they were originally, as well as doing a bit more general cleanup in the vicinity.
nsIAbDirectory sanity
(bug 413260, pt. 2) Once again, over the weekend. Work was completed in yanking MDB-specific stuff outside of the abook extended trio (addrbook, import, extensions/palmsync). In addition, I put some time in cleaning out the interface into the new stuff.
bug 400331
I finally got around starting on Sunday to opening this back up. My list of preapproval has grown to include authentication code and newsrc. In my personal builds, it doesn't warn anymore on gcc 4.2, and I'm slowly improving on gcc 4.3 (I won't even try until I get PRInt32 converted to nsresult). Having received permission from David Bienvenu to significantly change to the point where cvsblame becomes unhelpful, I've started moving around functions to make it easier to understand how stuff works. Finally, I'm trimming the size of the class (only trivially right now), and I'm slowly dismantling the horror that is SendFirstNNTPCommand. It will be a long time before I get to doing higher-level logical structure.
bug 11054
Now that all other code tripping me up has been completed, I returned to work on this for the first time in at least a month. Quickly, I discovered that Neil had added a bit of code that cascaded into ├╝ber-failure and heavy database mangling (horrible for news code). Out of this (which took a few hours to get working again), I discovered that a reasonable assertion to fire becomes hard to sort out quickly when applying trivial optimization (don't recurse into children of ignored messages, which means we can't find out how many are unapplied to correct), and that the UI code is causing future things to break in even more annoying ways. I'll have to look into fixing that breakage; I have an extremely easy way to reproduce said error.
bug 418551
(demork in panacea.dat) Mark Banner pushed his profile-directory creation changes in the middle of yesterday, allowing me to unbitrot this bug and get it working. Note that the past that is posted needs one change to compile: change the .equals to a .Equals. I blame Java.
Bug triage.
I set up today an Outlook/Outlook Express parity bug (bug 423488) based on some rather simple queries. Needless to say, the list is a bit long for my tastes (and I was pretty conservative about adding stuff to said list!). I've also started working on getting updates on news bugs, just as I now get updates on mailnews database bugs. Expect a mass QA-reassign shortly!

Long list for day one, isn't it? Tomorrow, I hope to be able to look into automating a rewrite of libmime, pushing out new changes to bug 413260 given Mark's updated interfaces, and starting writing that new morkreader that I need for 382876 and 11050.

One more thing: I'm starting to compile feedback on news server impls for some basic NNTP planning. I've heard back from Giganews, which has said that RFC 3977 is not on their list right now, and which also tells me that they support LIST OVERVIEW.FMT for the list of XHDR headers. INN is open source, so I can see what they have. Tornado/Typhoon/whatever the heck is the right news server I'm still waiting to hear from. I've picked these server impls because they represent the three news servers I use:,, and, respectively.

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