Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A blizzard of updates, part 2

Yesterday ended the second day of blizzard updates. Today I'm attending a hardware setup party, so I won't have a full day of blizzards. What I did do yesterday:

More on nsIAbCard
I now have a patch once again requesting review in this area. nsAbOSXCard drove me mad when I was going back over my changes. Something about aMember.Equals(aValue) didn't seem like it made sense; it turns out that it wasn't quite right, because the meaning of aMember had been changed ever so slightly.
I started looking into replacing more of nsIAddrDatabase in import, and immediately backed off. Crazy stuff happens there, so I'll need a few hours to work on that without distraction. I've also hooked up nsIAbCollection and am slowly starting to make it work right. Keyword: slowly.
Getting the list of newsgroup is somewhat confusing, as it launches some callbacks to avoid hanging the UI thread. Life will be so much better when protocols go async.
I didn't spend as much time on this as I expected to, but the initial forays look promising. Its implementation is amazingly simple for having a custom C++-like format, so an automated rewrite should go smoothly. A naming scheme is rigidly enforced for the class/object hierarchy, and connecting the function implementations to the defined virtual function pointers looks trivial. Finding the inheritance list is simple, especially because it doesn't practice MI. The hardest part, though, is constructors. They may need to be done manually.
My biggest announcement is the one I'm saving 'till the end. I've started work on MorkReader.cpp, after spending a few hours going through the morkThumb morkParser morkBuilder code to see how the most complete implementation of mork sees a file. Did you know that db/mork doesn't actually fully implement the mork specification? Also, appears to have spotty records of old netscape.mozilla.public.mail-news postings (I need the ones from late 1998/early 1999), and only goes back to 2003. Fun times...

And for today? A hardware party, followed by some more work on MorkReader. Hopefully with ample help from David Bienvenu.

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