Monday, January 17, 2011

News URI handling

I have built a version of Thunderbird that should fix news URI handling issues, obtainable from this site. This is a patch queue based off of trunk just after the 3.3a2 release branch, so it should have all of the features of 3.3a2 if not the version number.

In particular, both news and nntp links of any type should work, including news URIs without a server. If any of those links do not work, please tell me, including the circumstances in which they didn't work (e.g., where did you click it, was TB open, were you subscribed to the group or not, etc.). Also, there is a chance that this could regress other handling in news code or OS command line handling, so if you see such regresses, please also tell me.

Thanks in advance for your testing!

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Chaz6 said...

Thanks for your work on this.